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Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger for Windows

A free program for Windows, by FirstHive Technology Co., Ltd..

Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger is a free app for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Role Playing'. View full description

Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger is a free app for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Role Playing'.

About Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger for Windows

This app has been published on Softonic on August 2th, 2018 and we have not had the occasion to test it yet.

We encourage you to try it and leave us a comment or rate it on our website. This will help a lot the rest of our users!

Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger requires Windows 10 and above. The current version of the app varies with device, and you can run it only in English.

That the app does not support Windows 10 S.

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Rewards: Diamond*100, Gold*100000,Medium Stamina Potion*5,Dust Bottle*10

Dragon Awaken is an online 3D MMORPG for browser that features semi-turn multiplayer battles in a fantasy world full of dragons, might and dark creatures. The game has been developed by the same team that created Wartune, one of the most successful online browser games. The game got featured by Facebook after two months of its official launch.

Players can customize their characters thanks to different fashion items, mounts, dragons, hero combinations and different skills and development trees. Become the legendary hero the world of Dragon Awaken needs.

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Dragons: Become the master of 6 different dragons, each one contains the power of an element and will aid you in the battle in different ways. Dragons can be part of a battle, become a mount that will lead the heroes in the world of Dragon Awaken or offer their powers to your heroes to increase your Battle Rating. Also, players can evolve their dragons until they reach their final form – the supreme goddesses.

Armors: Players can collect the legendary armors forged by the fire of the dragons and activate them in the battle to transform in a video scene and receive new powers.

Heroes: The characters will have the help of several heroes that will fight besides the player to help them in their adventure.

Factions: Dragon Awaken’s world is divided in two factions: Amity and Supremacy. Join one of them to become part of that faction and meet other players who will help in the battle. Make your faction the strongest one and conquer your enemies.

Dungeons: There are several dungeons available to obtain different materials and equipment. Also, Multi-dungeons will allow players to play with other users and create alliances to survive. Challenging more difficult dungeons will reward players with better items that will make them stronger.

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Dragon Awaken - Dark Messenger


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